"The class and instructor are very inspiring. The class is a great resource for all of us who have sedentary jobs and need to figure out how to integrate wellness into that lifestyle."

“Well Today provided a 12-week workshop called "Healthy Weight: Lose Inches and Gain Energy" for employees. The facilitator’s energy and enthusiasm created an outstanding group dynamic and a supportive environment for goal setting and individual progress. What really stood out were the outcomes - individuals lost an average of 11 pounds and lowered their resting heart rates an average of 9 beats per minute. I understand from a George Washington University study that this means they have lowered their risk of having a heart attack or developing heart disease...priceless! Another measure of success is that participants signed up for a follow-up series together.”
                                                        Susan Fuszard
                                                        Employee Assistance Consultant
                                                        WI Dept. of Transportation

"Kristin, the workshop went so well and the participants were very engaged. The positive energy you generated within the group really seemed to get them motivated to make changes in their own lives. It was so nice to have a training that gave them the opportunity to just focus on themselves. You did a terrific job adapting to them and their needs as the day went on. I appreciate your willingness to follow up with the information and resources the participants asked for. It was a fun and inspiring day. Thanks again for all the hard work you put into it!"
                                                        Megan Reading, MPH, CHES
                                                        HIV/AIDS Training System Coor.
                                                        University of Wisconsin-Madison

"My coaching sessions with Kristin are a 5 on a 5-point scale! All sessions have been very helpful and Kristin really focuses on my needs. She is very knowledgeable, finds useful articles and other materials to help me, and suggests strategies that have been successful. Our meetings are informal and I like that. I look forward to my future sessions."

"The Wisconsin Certified Public Manager® (CPM) Program offers Wellness for Managers as one of our elective classes because we recognize that managers must take care of themselves to be best equipped to address the challenges and demands of their work. And, as organizational leaders, managers with knowledge and skills related to wellness can encourage a healthful culture in their workplace. Paul’s workshop exceeded our expectations in meeting both these objectives. Student feedback mentioned Paul’s extensive knowledge, real-life experience, and warm and approachable teaching style when citing the value of the session. Participants left with concrete tools and strategies for healthy living, both for themselves and their staff. We look forward to offering this workshop often."
                                                        Robbi Dreifuerst
                                                        Associate Director
                                                        Wisconsin CPM Program

"I was hearing positive feedback all afternoon. Your Wellness to Work presentation was a wonderful way to elevate 'mood' after what has been a stressful year and also increase personal dedication to take responsibility for your own well being. I enjoyed it immensely and you far exceeded my expectations...."
                                                        Jane Wegenke
                                                        Associate Director
                                                        UW Carbone Cancer Center

"Candice's Circle of Life workshop has given me a new perspective on the delicate balance of our lives. Improvement in one area of concern brings changes that are beneficial all around. The resource materials will be useful to me from here forward."

"The wellness workshop I took with Well Today was just the inspiration I needed to course correct and take action with my own health. I learned I CAN do it, and I’m already feeling better as a result of exercising more and eating healthier food. Well Today and Paul served as the catalyst to get me there, and I’m really grateful."
                                                        Maureen Brady

"Lots of good ideas. Knowledgeable, open, non-judgmental leadership that have fun with class."
                                                        Bob Eagle

"I really want to continue this! Circle of Life was a great experience - Life Changing."

"Well Today workshops cover a wide range of wellness concerns in a very effective way. Paul Riehemann helped me set goals that I want to reach. Exercise, weight loss and eating healthy foods were covered. I also learned some valuable information on becoming a leader."
                                                        Evelyn Dick

"The way you have structured the class so that it is appropriate for anyone, regardless of their point on the wellness scale is really great. I actually have three goals for the next two months and two of them are already happening!"
                                                        Ellen McKirdy

"The curriculum is excellently planned – packed with eye-opening information delivered in digestible nuggets, brought to life by the instructor’s stories and paired with group activities. The Well Today philosophy encourages us to honor who we are and gently motivate us and give us a starting toolkit to being our better self, not only tending to the physical, but the intellectual, emotional and spiritual, too."
                                                        Rachelle Richardson

"The workshop was very motivating – I lost 70 pounds* in nine months after starting the course. I’m a regular at my health club and am eating much better now."
                                                        Margaret Handel
                                                             * results not typical

"Great Class. I had high hopes and Circle of Life exceeded my expectations."

"I lost 20 pounds in six months these were the stubborn 20 that wouldn’t go away. I did it with small steps based on principles in the workshop; particularly the ‘Laboratory of One’ concept and finding what works for me."
                                                        Don Lark

"There was so much valuable information and the group was positive and energized."
                                                        Deanna Grahn

"The focus on aerobic training and base building has helped me improve and gives me something to build on for my speed work. Paul has helped me improve how I train. I’ve been amazed to see my speed go back to what it used to be, yet at a heart rate much lower than it would have been at before. I’m very pleased with the quality of coaching."
                                                        Jason Weiker

"Paul’s approach to training and racing made me want to work out. Without his direction, care, and assistance, I wouldn’t have progressed to where I am today. Thanks, Paul!"
                                                        Phil Gillett

Healthy Weight Workshop

Participants are losing weight, gaining energy and lowering their health care costs.

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