Bio's:  Pat Nicolet   Paul Riehemann   Candice Schneider   Kristin Verstegen

“I’m going on a hiking trip in a couple of months and I’d like to lose some weight – can you help?”

Paul Riehemann

This question from a friend in 2007 marked the start of Well Today. As an avid runner, triathlete and health enthusiast for 25+ years, friends and family had been asking me this type of question for years – food choices, exercise programs and motivation. I enjoyed helping people achieve their goals and over time my “advice” became more formal, complete with reading selections, training programs and fully researched gear recommendations.

When my hiker friend asked me about losing weight, I drew up a chart with weight loss strategies. For almost 20 years I’d been a student of sports nutrition, triathlon training methods, emotional intelligence and coaching. Robert Haas (Eat to Win), Dr. Phil Maffetone and Mark Allen (6-time winner of the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii) were prominent in my studies and training. I’d had some good results including qualifying for and completing the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii in 1992 and 2006.

As part of working with my friend, I created a five-week, one hour per week wellness class – the precursor to our Wellness for Life workshop. Thirteen brave souls joined the first group; feedback was excellent. They asked for more so we met for another four weeks.

I learned a great deal during subsequent sessions which led to the creation of our top five list of what works in wellness. However, if I had to boil it all down, I think the most important success factor is supportive relationships. Our relationships with fellow participants and the positive dynamic of being supported by a group of like-minded people, relationships with friends and family members who join us on our wellness journey, relationships with our coaches and mentors - formal and informal. And perhaps most importantly, our relationship with ourselves, the promises we make and the dreams we dream.

Fast forward and Candice, Kristin and Pat joined the company. We’ve earned numerous wellness certifications and hundreds of people have benefited from Well Today’s workshops and programs.

We hope you find value here too. Well Today was created to help individuals and organizations define and achieve their wellness goals while creating a culture that supports health promotion.

What do we get out of it? Deep satisfaction when one of our clients looks us in the eye and says, “Thank you.”

To your good health,

Paul Riehemann
Founder and Coach
Well Today