Healthy Weight Workshop

Lose Inches, Gain Energy.

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Organizational perspective:
“Well Today provided a 12-week workshop called "Healthy Weight: Lose Inches and Gain Energy" for employees. The facilitator’s energy and enthusiasm created an outstanding group dynamic and a supportive environment for goal setting and individual progress. What really stood out were the outcomes - individuals lost an average of 11 pounds and lowered their resting heart rates an average of 9 beats per minute. I understand from a George Washington University study that this means they have lowered their risk of having a heart attack or developing heart disease...priceless! Another measure of success is that participants signed up for a follow-up series together.”
                                                        Susan Fuszard
                                                        Employee Assistance Consultant
                                                        WI Dept. of Transportation

Workshop description
Healthy Weight: Lose Inches, Gain Energy
(12 week, 60 minutes per week)
A lively and highly-interactive workshop to create and support new healthy behaviors with a focus on weight loss. The five proven weight management ‘pillars’ used:

  1- Finding your carb tolerance level (based on Dr. Phil Maffetone’s work)
  2- Movement
  3- Measure progress
  4- Contract/commitment
  5- Four-way support

Topics covered in this holistic wellness program include nutrition, exercise, PSMART goal setting and achievement, life balance, emotional intelligence, disease-prevention and stress management. Each participant receives a copy of Dr. Phil Maffetone's book In Fitness and Health.

Weight is measured weekly along with resting heart rate. Participants also track their waist size.